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Mower Starts Then Dies

Aah, the smell of that freshly-cut grass. There is seriously nothing like it. However, it is pretty trying to be all prepared for tackling those big green blades just for having the mower inflame and then sputter out. If the mower starts then dies, you desire a fast answer about what is to blame and what you can really do for fixing it. 

What To Do When Your Mower Starts Then Dies?

Here, I will share a few most common reasons for this lawn mower issue and what you have to do for addressing it. When the mower starts then dies, it can really feel like you are really alone, but this issue is more common than you may think, and the solution can be a simple one. Let us take a glance at a few most common causes behind that false start and how you can resolve them.

Reasons For The Mower Starting And Then Dying

Reasons For The Mower Starting And Then Dying:

If the mower starts, runs for a short time, then dies, these are a few of the most common causes that are happening:

  • Clogged carburetor bowl or dirty carburetor

Clogged carburetor bowl

  • Old gasoline that’s gone really bad

  • Defective or dirty spark plugs

Defective or dirty spark plugs

  • A lot of oil in the reservoir

lot of oil in the reservoir

How Can You Fix It?

Here are a few solutions to this lawn mower problem:

Check Your Fuel Line:

Your fuel line typically ought to be clean from any dirt or debris as the lone thing traveling through it ought to be the gasoline transfer from its pump to your mower. But when the users open its gas tank, frequently small particles can simply fly in, and even your gasoline itself might have a few particles in it, which might finish up getting into your fuel line. 

Check Your Fuel Line

A few of the lawn mowers might have the fuel filter in a fuel line between your gas tank and your carburetor. If yours also does, you can simply replace it if that seems to be blocked with grime and other rubbish. It’ll reason your gasoline not to be capable of simply flowing to your engine, which will reason it to stop after some seconds.

Old Gasoline:

While normally gasoline does not get stale and old simply unless open to different elements, it can really varnish, which is a terminology that denotes your gas has created a kind of solid substance on the gasoline tank’s walls or its internal parts. It typically occurs when your lawn mower sits between the different mowing seasons (in the winter season). 

You may be capable of noticing it if you smell your gasoline and discover that it has a sour smell (do not smell the fumes for long as it can be quite hazardous to the health). For resolving it, you will have to drain the lawn mower gas tang of the complete contents. Put the big metal or plastic pan next to your mower and open your fuel tank for draining the contents of your gas tank out, clean your fuel lines, and then append the fresh fuel back into its tank.

Unclean Gas Tank:

Just as your gasoline might frequently become stale or dirty and requires to be replaced and its fuel line required to be cleaned, your gas tank itself might also require some cleaning. All the aspects of your gasoline intake, storage, flow, and liquid can all become dirty and old, which denotes good cleaning is in order for getting it functioning well. 

Cleaning your gas tank is a little harder as you will have to drain it and then either flush the tank using fluids or removing it for cleaning it. Moreover, a key part of your gas tank that can really become unclean is the cap on your gas tank. You might not acquaint it, but there’s a pinhole in the cap’s top that permits the air to flow through into your tank. 

If this pinhole is blocked, then no air can really go back into your tank as your fuel is used up, and it finishes up killing your motor as the gas cannot enter the motor too at this point. Clean off its cap and flush some water through its pinprick if doable, for cleaning it out. Place that back on and start the mower up again for checking if it resolves the problem.

Mower Tune-Up:

While it is not a particular solution for the lawn mower starting and dying, it’ll avert most of the similar problems with the mower automatically as it’ll keep all flowing through it maintained and cleanly. It’s recommended to have the lawn mower serviced at least one time a year, typically in the spring season (if you are in the colder region). For that, you will require these three basic supplies:

  • New Air Filter
  • Engine Oil (suitable for the mower)
  • New Spark Plug

Typically for making it simple when buying these, simply take out your spark plug or air filter from the mower and take those with you to the shop when you buy the new ones. Like this, you will be capable of simply acquainting which one you have to buy. The air filter ought to be replaced one time a year along with your spark plugs so that you acquaint the juices flowing in/out are really kept in the first-class shape. 

Begin by simply taking out the spark plug from the lawn mower and then draining all the oil from your lawn mower by simply taking out the cap and tipping that on the side. Make certain that you do not allow the oil just to go into the ground as it’s extremely toxic and destructive. Next, take out the blade from its bottom and give its edges a bit of sharpening, so it does not have to function overtime to keeping the grass cut. 

You can make use of the file for doing so. Make sure to clean under the deck of your lawn mower, so all of the dirt and grime build-ups from the last season are gotten rid of. Place the blade back in and install the new spark plug on the lawn mower. Finally, fill up your mower with some oil again, and you are all set to go!

Carburetor Problem:

The most common problem when your mower starts and then stops some seconds is the carburetor problem. Typically, if it’s the case, you are best to let an expert take a glance and clean that out as it can really get a little more complicated. If you do feel comfortable enough to work with that, it‘d be the final step in the troubleshooting procedure for why your motor would not keep running. 

When varnish and dirt from the fuel finish up going through your mower, it can reason orifices to get congested, things to get a little sticky, jets to get blocked, or gum to finish up inside it, which can really make its engine sputter out while it is working. By doing the thorough cleaning of your carburetor comprising all of the internal parts will normally resolve it up simply as long as you have not allowed it to go too long, and it finishes up requiring replacement. 

Carburetor Problem

The majority of the time, cleaning will get the work done. If you do decide to clean it, there’re diverse methods of doing so, relying on the cleaner you acquire. A few simply need you to take out all of its connectors and spray all of the openings and connectors. After allowing it to sit for some time, you then clean it up and connect everything back again. Another method is by simply separating its carburetor (make certain to take pictures of how all of its pieces went together first as it will be useful when assembling it back again). 

Once all of its pieces are taken apart, then place them in the pot filled with some carburetor cleaner. You can then leave them to soak for about one hour or however long the directions on your cleaner say. Once done, rinse its components using some water and let them air dry completely. You can make use of the air compressor for speeding up this procedure if required. You’ll have to make sure that all of the water has completely dried as it ought not to be present there as it’ll cause problems with starting your mower. 

Once all of the components are well cleaned and dried, then you can simply assemble your carburetor again and mount it on your lawn mower again, connecting all of its parts and pieces. Because it can be a little of a complicated procedure, you just desire to do it if you’ve a little confidence and experience with this kind of task.

If you’re uncertain, locate a local handyman who has enough experience with doing such a job and asks them to guide you as well so that next time you can self-sufficiently do it on your own. If in doubt, it is excellent to get in touch with the expert for the cleaning of the carburetor.

When It Is The Right Time To Contact A Professional?

If you’ve already tested all of the solutions mentioned above for fixing the mower that starts and then dies, hopefully, the issue is resolved. But if in case not, it may be the time to throw in the store towel and contact a professional. The following are some other problems that can be keeping the lawn mower from functioning properly.

More Serious Causes The Mower Starts Then Dies:

  • Faulty Choke: Unless you’re very handy, spotting this issue and restoring this delicate balance essential to get the engine purring like the kitten is another problem for the professionals.
  • Worn-Out Carburetor: If the carburetor is more than unclean, it may be the time to really replace it.
  • Gas Line Or Gas Tank Blockage: Anytime the gasoline isn’t getting to your lawnmower’s engine, the lawn mower will not function properly. A blockage of any sort that can really prevent the constant gas flow is an issue that may take a skilled eye to spot and fix.

The standard weekend warrior with the limited acquaintance on this matter will most likely feel more tranquil employing somebody with the necessary tools and the experience to get the work done right. I suggest that you begin by checking the warranty of your lawn mower. If it is covered, a fix might not charge you anything. 

A few companies will send somebody right to the house or come to pick up the lawn mower for saving you time. If the lawn mower is not covered by any kind of warranty, then simply locate a local small-engine repair shop with good reviews. These guys can really repair almost anything, and their costs are normally lower than you would really expect.

Mower Starts Then Dies


The mowers can be annoying to keep well maintained, but if you really follow several of such easy steps for making certain that everything is well cleaned, it’ll frequently resolve all of the problems you might come across.

As a final tip, although you would not be in contact with various hazardous chemicals, gas, and oil are still not good to come into reach of the skin. Make sure that you make use of the gloves whenever cleaning the mower’s parts. 

Moreover, don’t ever spray any kind of liquids onto the electronic connectors comprising the spark plugs, and if they get wet, make sure that they are completely dried off before starting up your mower again for avoiding any permanent damage to its motor parts. Hopefully, after following such steps, the mower will be functioning perfectly in all the seasons!

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Mower Starts Then Dies

Aah, the smell of that freshly-cut grass. There is seriously nothing like it. However, it is pretty trying to be all prepared for tackling...

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